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Let’s Try Drifting in High Heels!

Drifting in High Heels

Doing the impossible.

Drifting in regular sneakers is hard enough to do perfectly. Doing it in high heels is quite the challenge. But the Slovakian duo at The Woohooo Girls YouTube Channel, were more than up for the task.

Drifting in High Heels

Nina Zagoždžon aka Lady Hoonigan scored herself a pair of Christian Louboutin high heels in Superman colors and decided to give them some pedal time with a pair of heel protectors to see how they (and her) held up on the track with the new footwear.

After hopping in her stripped-out, purpose-built drift car, she had herself quite the time with the high heels sliding sideways and screeching tires.

Just goes to show that footwear is no excuse to not go drifting!


Think you could drift while wearing a pair of high heels?


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