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Let’s Watch a Hydraulic Press Crush a Car Spring!

Hydraulic Press Car Spring

This is so much fun to watch.

If you’re looking to kill a few hours of free time then watching a hydraulic press pulverize objects and flatten them into unrecognizable bits and pieces is a great place to start. The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube has lots of great videos showing things get absolutely crushed for your enjoyment and one of them is a spring from a car’s suspension.

Springs are supposed to compress by nature and absorb impacts, which is why we don’t need to visit a chiropractor every time we drive a vehicle. They’re a vital part of any suspension and seeing them pushed well beyond their limit with a hydraulic press is super satisfying.

Hydraulic Press Car Spring

While the press is able to break the spring during compression, the spring is still able to retract somewhat despite the damage. As an added bonus a Slinky is thrown under the press afterwards, which breaks without nearly as much pressure. To finish it all off, the scary clay dragon gets the high-pressure treatment and becomes a flat, uniform mass of green and yellow.

If it were up to me, my full-time job would be destroying things with a hydraulic press.

Source: Hydraulic Press Channel YouTube

What car part would you like to see get put under a hydraulic press?


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