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Let’s watch some Italian Exotics Tear it up!

Cars & Coffee Monaco Ferraris

Monaco power.

The small city-state of Monaco has piles and piles of money, and is a perfect place to spot exotics roaming the streets. That’s especially the case at an event like Cars & Coffee where Marchettino was able to capture some serious horsepower on display.

Seeing a Ferrari F40, Enzo, or F50 by themselves in the wild is a life-changing experience for any car enthusiast. Seeing all three lined up then speeding away in Monaco would make anyone pinch themselves to make sure it’s not a dream.

Cars & Coffee Monaco Ferraris

At Cars & Coffee Monaco, the three iconic exotics were on full display then sped off at the end of the show, filling the air with beautiful sounds. The Ferrari F40 decided to put on a show and powerslide as it sped off, something that Mustang owners have trouble doing properly.

Oh, and there was a Lamborghini Aventador SV there too, but that was easily overshadowed by the trio of Ferraris.

Source: Marchettino

Would you want to speed off with the Ferrari F40, F50, or Enzo at Cars & Coffee Monaco?


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