Let’s watch the new Ford GT do some Splash Testing!

Ford GT Splash Testing

Walking on water.

A Ford GT owner probably isn’t going to be driving their car through any kind of rain, snow, ice, sleet, or any other kinds of precipitation. But, just in case, Ford has already put the mid-engined super car through some serious tests to make sure it still works properly.

Ford GT Splash Testing

One of those test that the Ford GT must undergo is the Splash Test. Here, the super car is driven at speed through some relatively deep standing water that gets into all kinds of body panels, crevices, underbody, and everywhere else. Water can cause all kinds of problems and making sure that it stays out of the intake, electronics, and other parts is essential.

So, the Splash Test gets water all over the place to ensure that certain aspects of the Ford GT are sealed and waterproof.

While that sounds kind of boring, the slow-motion video of the test looks pretty freaking cool.

Source: Ford Performance

Would you want to drive the Ford GT through the ‘Splash Test’?


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