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Friday FAIL: Flashback to a Porsche Carrera GT Loading Accident

Porsche Carrera GT Loading FAIL

That cost a lot of money.

We love seeing idiots on Friday FAIL make expensive mistakes that we don’t have to worry about paying for or fixed on ‘Friday FAIL’. This week, we’re digging into the archives from the time of the legendary Porsche Carrera GT.

Loading a car onto a trailer with two ramps for the wheels isn’t as always straightforward as you’d think. Then again, with a helping hand and the proper equipment, it shouldn’t be hard and go off without any issue.

Porsche Carrera GT Loading FAIL

The Porsche Carrera GT is notoriously difficult to drive, especially with its clutch. So, driving it at slow speeds onto a trailer using wooden planks is a recipe for disaster.

As the super car slowly moved over the wooden planks with the entire vehicle sitting over the unsecured pieces of wood, things started to get dicey. The rear wheels gained traction on the wood and as the throttle was pushed, sent the two planks backwards, thus dropping the entire car onto the trailer and ground.

You can bet that caused some serious underbody damage.

Source: PUR3 BEAUT YouTube

How mad would you be if your Porsche Carrera GT fell while being loaded onto a trailer like this?


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