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This Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger on Forgiato Wheels is Wicked!


Big, American muscle.

Liberty Walk Performance is used to cranking out some monstrous sports cars but this Dodge Challenger takes the muscle car cake. The Dodge Challenger R/T began as a basic rear-wheel drive, retro muscle car but quickly became a black-and-red, widebody head-turner thanks to Liberty Walk and Forgiato.


The team at Liberty Walk created a custom widebody kit that includes extended front and rear fenders and a front lip. Instead of some large spoiler wing, the team opted for a more classic and subtle rear lip that does its job in more ways than one by providing both downforce and a retro look.


For the wheels, the team at Forgiato was able to squeeze in 11.0 x 20s in the front and massive 15.0 x 20s in the rear with a vibrant red candy finish that puckers lips with its sweet look. Named formally after Wataru Kato himself, the Kato 1 ECL is a three-piece super concave beast of a wheel that is perfect for the raw rear-wheel drive muscle of this sports car.


The added width of the Challenger via the Liberty Walk body kit allowed for the use of deep convave profile wheels front and rear with the rear boasting a staggering 8.0-inch lip. That’s the kind of presence that matches up perfectly with this widebody retro American muscle car.


The Dodge Challenger R/T by Liberty Walk with Forgiato Kato 1 ECL wheels is a sweet and powerful American classic with a fresh, modern twist.

Source: Forgiato

Do you like the wide, low look of the Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger R/T?


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