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Listen to the Glory of the Porsche 908 Warming up and Driving!

Porsche 908 Warm Up

What a classic.

The Porsche 908 may not have achieved success as its predecessors or successors, but it was still a pretty impressive race car. It sported a 350-horsepower 3.0-liter flat-eight engine that was air-cooled and built to the maximum size allowed for FIA Group 6 Prototype-Sports Cars.

Porsche 908 Warm Up

The 908 underwent numerous changes and upgrades throughout its lifespan in an effort to fix problems, but the racer never quite achieved the success that Porsche had planned.

Regardless of its lack of successes, the lightweight racer is an impressive machine with its air-cooled flat-eight engine, rounded bodywork, and small stature. It’s a treat to hear it warm up and be raced like it should be at a vintage track day.

Source: NM2255 Car HD Videos YouTube

Would you want to take the 350-HP air-cooled Porsche 908 out on the track?


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