Listen to the LaFerrari’s Engine on the Dyno!


This video is all about sounds…not sights.

People that have been complaining about how boring, stupid, and dull hybrid powertrains are haven’t seen the newest batch of hypercars that will be hitting the streets soon. Take the Ferrari LaFerrari for example. Yes, it has an odd name and it has that “hybrid” word attached to it that enthusiasts have despised for years, but it’s a 963 horsepower monster that’s going to rip the asphalt off the road.

What we have here is an engine dyno (notice no car) and it has the naturally-aspirated 6.3-liter V-12 and HY-KERS electric motors strapped in for some testing. This isn’t something that has a quiet hybrid whisper; it’s a vengeful Italian demon that sounds off in a frightening rage as the revs build to a thrilling climax of performance.

We can’t wait for this Ferrari, even if it is a hybrid.

Source: Davide458Italia YouTube

On a scale of 1-10, how good does the Ferrari LaFerrari’s engine sound?


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