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Listen to this Seriously Loud GT-R for 3 Minutes!

Nissan GT-R Loud Exhaust Flames

Spittin’ Flames.

We’ve seen some seriously loud and explosive exhausts on Nissan GT-Rs, but this one is downright terrifying! At the 2016 ‘60to6 Europe Tour’ at the ‘Salone dell’Auto di Torino’ stop, this Nissan GT-R with flame-spitting exhaust generated quite a bit of attention – probably because it could be heard from miles away.

Nissan GT-R Loud Exhaust Flames

It was only fitting as well that this R35 GT-R was wearing the flammable caution stickers above its exhaust along with the “Life is too short to be slow” decal, hinting at the incredible power beneath the body work. For a full three minutes, this GT-R gave the people what they wanted and revved its twin-turbocharged engines while shooting out some massive flames.

Keep on breathing fire!

Source: A8C100 YouTube

Would you like to rev this Nissan GT-R all day and shoot flames?


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