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Mahk is Back and this Time he’s Dating your Buick-Driving MeMa

Zebra Corner Buick Envision Parody


So Mahk and the guys at Zebra Corner took a break from making parodies of the Chevrolet ‘Real People, Not Actors’ commercials and set their sights on MeMa in the new 2017 Buick Envision commercial.

Zebra Corner Buick Envision Parody

The plot is relatively basic: a young, successful, professional guy picks up his grandmother from the airport in his cool, new 2017 Buick Envision after her trip to Italy. Only she brought back lots of clothes and a new boyfriend. The original commercial shows how the New Buick appeals to a younger generation of professionals and offers premium luxury with capability.

But that’s not how it goes when Mahk comes into the picture. The parody immediately starts off NSFW and has Mahk explaining how he is “dating” the guy’s grandmother while tearing apart Buick and its success in China. After getting in the car, he continues to make fun of the Buick while talking about how the grandmother enjoys a new kind of cuisine.

Source: Zebra Corner

Do you agree with Mahk’s assessment of the new Buick Envision?


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