It’s Mahk vs the Millennials in the new Chevy “Real People” Parody

Mahk Chevrolet Millennial Commercial

Saying what we’re all thinking.

Millennials can be so irritating. Companies trying to cater to them with ridiculous marketing strategies is even more vomit-inducing. Thankfully, our buddy, “Mahk”, is here to put this annoying generation and the brand trying to appeal to them in their places.

Mahk Chevrolet Millennial Commercial

In the latest “Real People. Not Actors” commercial from Chevrolet, a blind panel of millennials are asked a variety of stereotypical questions while being stereotypical millennials in an attempt to show that Chevrolet really cares about them.

This is downright annoying and thankfully, Mahk, is there to call them all out on their bullshit.

Hey Chevrolet, just stop. Please.

Actually, scratch that. These parodies are too funny.

Source: Zebra Corner

Does Mahk call out Chevrolet and their stupid millennial-focused commercial out like you would?


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