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Marc Gené takes the Alfa Romeo 4C out for a Spin

Having some fun with the mid-engined sports car.

Former Formula One and Le Mans driver, Marc Gené, gave one man the ride of his life when he randomly picked him up in the new pre-production Alfa Romeo 4C. Last time, Alfa Romeo’s video left off right at the race track. Now, we get to see the car in action.

Gené doesn’t hesitate to scare the crap out of his lucky passenger, making those tires squeal on the asphalt around the closed track. The mid-engined Alfa Romeo 4C  is more than capable of handling everything the experienced driver threw at it, and has us excited for it to finally go on sale around the world.

Source: Alfa Romeo

After seeing the video, what do you think of the upcoming Alfa Romeo 4C?


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