Maserati’s street-legal GranTurismo racer Exposed


More power, less weight, and that oh-so-sexy exhaust note.

At the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Maserati unveiled their answer to customer demands with a motorsport-inspired GranTurismo – the MC Stradale. The new Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale uses the same DNA as the GranTurismo racecars that participate in Maserati’s Trofeo GranTurismo MC and GT4 Motorsport programs: less weight, added power, increased downforce, and improved handling for the racetrack.

The new MC Stradale uses the same 4.7-liter V-8 found in the GranTurismo S, but with some added tuning. For the two-seat MC Stradale, the engine produces an additional 10 horsepower and 15 lb-ft. of torque in a steeper power curve at low RPMs, bringing total output to 450 horsepower at 7,000 RPM and 376 lb-ft. at 4,750 RPM. Although it may not sound like an earth-shattering power bump, the electronics have been revised to make the throttle 30 percent more responsive and shift times for the six-speed electro-actuated transaxle have been reduced to 60 milliseconds. This helps the GranTurismo MC Stradale reach 62 mph in just 4.6 seconds, 0.3 seconds faster than the GranTurismo S, and a top speed of 187 mph.

The body of the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale has also been modified to achieve greater aerodynamics and sharpen the sinister appearance. The front features a more prominent face, with larger air intakes and front spoiler than the GranTurismo, while twin air vents in the hood cool the engine. Integrated into the front fenders are slots that increase downforce and extract hot air from the braking system. The rear sports a larger trunk spoiler for added downforce and ducts that are carved into the rear bumper to allow air to escape. The dual exhaust pipes are repositioned towards the center, mirroring those of the Trofeo racecars. The new bodywork results in a car that is 48 mm longer than the GranTurismo, 10 mm lower at the front and 12 mm lower at the rear, while also creating 25 percent more downforce up front and 50 percent more at the rear.

Although the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale has more power and increased downforce, one of the main goals for Maserati was to reduce weight and achieve a 48.5:51.5 weight distribution. To do so, engineers used a number of different materials and components to achieve a 242-lb. weight reduction. Lightweight 20-inch double-spoke alloy wheels were used with carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes that are 60 percent lighter than their GranTurismo counterparts and provide intense stopping power. Engineers also found ways to reduce weight in the interior, by removing the rear seats, using carbon fiber buckets for the front, drilled aluminum pedals, alcantara trim, and a number of carbon fiber components. For additional safety, a new steel roll cage and four-point racing harness can be installed as options.

The new Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale will go on sale at the beginning of 2011 in all major markets except Canada, Korea, and, of course, the United States. But, if you’re not in one of the major markets you can still build your own MC Stradale in Maserati’s online configurator and enjoy the promotional video.

Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

Displacement: 4.7 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Maximum Horsepower: 450 at 7,000 RPM
Maximum Torque: 376 lb-ft. at 4,750 RPM

Type: Six-speed MC Race Shift electro-actuated transaxle
Shift Time: 60 milliseconds
Drive: Rear-wheel

Acceleration 0-62 mph: 4.6 seconds
Top Speed: 187 mph

Wheels and Brakes:
Wheels: 20-inch double-spoke alloys
Tires: Custom-developed Pirelli PZero Corsa
Front Tires: 255/35 ZR20
Rear Tires: 295/35 ZR20
Brakes: Brembo carbon-ceramic
Front Discs: 380 mm x 34 mm ventilated discs
Front Calipers: Six-piston
Rear Discs: 360 mm x 32 mm ventilated discs
Rear Calipers: Four-piston

Distribution (F:R): 48.5:51.5
Curb Weight: 3,894 lbs.

[Source: Maserati]

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