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Novitec Does their thing with the Maserati Levante

Novitec Maserati Levante

All the right stuff.

The Maserati Levante is the cool new kid on the block in the crossover SUV segment with it’s a high-end Italian flair and athleticism. The German tuners at Novitec know a thing or two about upgrading Italian cars, and have worked their magic on the new Levante with a range of engine upgrades, carbon fiber aerodynamics, and more.

Novitec Maserati Levante

Novitec’s N-Tronic plug-and-play engine performance kits have been used for years, and were optimized for the twin-turbocharged V-6 gasoline and turbodiesel V-6s in the Levante. The 3.0-liter, twin-turbo V-6 in the Levante S gets pushed to 494 horsepower at 5,300 RPM and 487 lb-ft. of torque from 1,700 to 4,900 RPM with the new N-Tronic upgrade. This allows the SUV to reach 62 MPH in just 4.8 seconds from rest and hit a top speed of 169 MPH.

Novitec Maserati Levante

On the oil-burning side of things, the 3.0-liter turbodiesel V-6 engines also get a healthy dose of power. The unit rated at 250 horsepower in stock form sees its output grow to 301 horsepower and 502 lb-ft. of torque. The more powerful unit that’s rated at 275 horsepower, standard sees its output rise to 322 horsepower at 3,800 RPM and 502 lb-ft. of torque at 2,200 RPM. That’s good enough to send the turbodiesel SUV to 62 MPH in just 6.2 seconds. Both diesel engines can also benefit from a new Active Sound System integrated into the exhaust system. When the ‘Sport’ button is pushed, the auxiliary control unit produces a more aggressive, artificial sound.

Novitec Maserati Levante

The added power in the Novitec Maserati Levante is reflected through a naked carbon fiber aerodynamic body kit that was designed in a wind tunnel. The kit also adds a bit more confidence to the Trident-wearing crossover, starting with a new front spoiler sitting at the bottom of the bumper. New rocker panels run along each side and visually lower the height of the Levante while a new spoiler and diffuser combo create a clean and powerful aerodynamic statement at the rear.

Novitec Maserati Levante

Transferring the additional power to the road are new one-piece NM1 wheels on the Novitec Maserati Levante. The five double-spoke wheels come in Silver, Matte Black, or Titanium finishes with the latter available with a polished wheel center. On the Levante, the new NM1 wheels are fitted in a 22 x 9.0J front and 22 x 11.0J at the front with 265/35 ZR22 and 295/30 ZR22 tires. Also adding to the new style is an upgrade to the factory air suspension that drops the ride height by 25 mm.

Novitec Maserati Levante

Inside, customers can create their own tailored cabin with a variety of materials, colors, and components to suit their fancy.

The new Novitec range of upgrades are currently available for the Maserati Levante as a complete kit or individual accessories.

Novitec Maserati Levante Specifications

3.0-liter Twin-Turbocharged V-6 Gasoline:
Maximum Horsepower: 494 / 363 kW at 5,300 RPM
Maximum Torque: 487 lb-ft. / 660 Nm from 1,700 to 4,900 RPM
Acceleration 0-62 MPH: 4.8 seconds
Top Speed: 169 MPH / 272 km/h

3.0-liter Turbodiesel V-6:
Maximum Horsepower: 322 / 237 kW at 3,800 RPM
Maximum Torque: 502 lb-ft. / 680 Nm at 2,200 RPM
Acceleration 0-62 MPH: 6.2 seconds

3.0-liter Turbodiesel V-6:
Maximum Horsepower: 301 / 221 kW
Maximum Torque: 502 lb-ft. / 680 Nm

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: Novitec NM1 one-piece alloy
Wheel Finishes: Silver, Matte Black, or Titanium (with optional polishes centers)
Front Wheels: 22 x 9.0J
Rear Wheels: 22 x 11.0J
Front Tires: 265/35 ZR22
Rear Tires: 295/30 ZR22
Suspension: Lowering module; 25 mm lower

-Carbon fiber front spoiler
-Carbon fiber rocker panels
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser
-Carbon fiber rear spoiler

Novitec Maserati Levante Gallery

Source: Novitec

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