The McLaren P1 Super Car is getting closer!

Spitting flames around the test track.

One of the most exciting cars at the Paris Motor Show was the McLaren P1 concept that previewed what the future holds for the British automaker. It’s been quite a few months since then, and the engineers at McLaren have been pretty busy.

A team of engineers, technicians, and drivers and currently speeding around in a group of XP-codenamed McLaren P1 test cars are undergoing extreme weather testing, everyday driving, and racing on the circuits and roads around the world. Each car wears a special camouflage that was designed by the team that created the shape of the car. The camouflage features renown racing circuit from around the world that holds a significant meaning to the automaker.

Five decades of racing and engineering knowledge is being poured into the new McLaren P1, and it’s looking to rewrite the book on super cars. The latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Formula 1 dynamics and simulation tools are being used to develop the car. The automaker also partnered with various companies such as Mobil 1, Akebono, and Pirelli to create bespoke components that will help push the car to its limits.

McLaren P1 Testing Gallery

[Source: McLaren]

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