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More Ferrari F12tdf Burnouts Just Because!

Ferrari F12tdf burnouts

You can’t turn these down!

The Ferrari F12tdf is the ultimate version of the F12Berlinetta and is quite possibly the ultimate grand touring super car. It’s V-12 it utterly intoxicating with thanks to its 769 horsepower output and unbelievable roar from its quad tailpipes.

Ferrari F12tdf burnouts

That’s why we absolutely love watching the Ferrari F12tdf do burnouts and put all of its performance on display. At the 2016 Gumball 3000, Josh Cartu revved, ripped, and shredded tires so that all of the spectators of the event could enjoy the super car just as much as he did.

Thanks, Josh.

Source: Marchettino

Would you drive your Ferrari F12tdf like this if you owned one?


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