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Your guide to the high-end motoring culture just got turbocharged, and we’re bringing you along for the ride.

After celebrating our first year of bringing you the latest and greatest in the high-end motoring lifestyle, we would like to introduce our new streamlined website. It’s packed with all kinds of interactive features that give you, our valued readers, a one-of-a-kind online magazine experience. So come join us and play around with some of our new features. Oh, and don’t forget, bring your friends along for the ride.

So what’s new here at MotoringExposure?

Quite a bit. In case you didn’t drink your morning coffee or haven’t had the chance to experience our high-horsepower corner of the web, you’re in for quite a ride.

All-new DISQUS-powered commenting and community

We’re giving our readers a bigger voice with DISQUS, a new way to comment, share, and interact with others. What’s unique about DISQUS is that it gives readers the chance to create profiles, share their thoughts, and be a part of the MotoringExposure community. Here is some of what DISQUS has to offer:

Commenting: Just like our previous website, readers will have the chance to comment on our articles. With DISQUS, you can comment even if you don’t have a profile (we recommend that you sign up to be a part of our motoring community). To sign up just click the “Yes” button when asked to sign up. If you already have a profile, then you can log in through DISQUS or through another service like Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, or OpenID.

Profiles: Users can create a profile with DISQUS, allowing them to connect and share their comments, likes, dislikes, and thoughts via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. A DISQUS profile displays your basic information (only what you allow), commenting stats, and communities that you are a part of.

Communities: Next to the DISQUS button towards the bottom of the page is an icon that will bring up the MotoringExposure community page. This community page displays the most active members, most liked members, and new faces that are a part of our growing community.

Likes and Dislikes: Readers have the opportunity to “Like” or “Dislike” our articles by clicking on the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icons. By clicking either icon, users will be given the chance to share their “Like” or “Dislike” via Facebook or Twitter. Users with profiles will have their avatar displayed for others to see.

We also have a new “Top Commenters” feature that shows who the most active users are on MotoringExposure. We will be rewarding those who comment the most on MotoringExposure, so get your commenting on!

In addition to using the interactive DISQUS feature, we also have a number of other goodies to make your motoring experience more enjoyable.

Popular Articles: Ever wonder what some of the most popular articles are on MotoringExposure? Our new “Popular Articles” tab displays the most visited articles in order of importance for your viewing pleasure.

Sharing Is Caring: We know our readers have tons of friends, followers, and fans, so we’re making it easier for you to share your favorite content. Our “Like”, “Tweet”, and other stylish bookmarks allow you to share with one simple click.

Related Articles Worth Your Read: Just finish reading something that you can’t get enough of? This easy to use feature lets you scroll through similar posts that are just as exciting as the one you just read.

Simplified Search Capabilities: Having trouble finding something? Our new “Browse By” navigation bar has all of our exciting content organized into different topics allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for. Plus, there is also our “Search” function that will display all articles based on your criteria.

Take some time to check out all of our new features and share, comment, and explore the most exciting high-end motoring magazine online. So fire up your engines and strap on your Swiss timepiece, MotoringExposure is about to take you on the ride of your life!


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