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Inde Motorsports Park

Arizona’s motorsport oasis.

Hidden away in the secluded southeast corner of Arizona is an automotive sanctuary that embraces the surrounding mountain views and open desert to produce some of the most unique and spectacular driving experiences in the world. Named after the historic Cochise and Geronimo of the Apache Tribe that once lived there, Inde Motorsports Ranch is a year-round racetrack for the people, presenting members with unmatched freedom, privacy, and independence.

The idea for such an exclusive track came from the owner and CEO of Inde Motorsports Ranch, Graham Dorland. After much success in the aeronautical and marine industry, Dorland sought to build a track for driving aficionados like himself, and others that shared the same passion. After two years of searching, Dorland came across 1,700 acres of untouched land surrounded by stunning mountains and open desert. The design and layout of the track was carried out by Inde Motorsports Ranch President, minority owner, and longtime racing driver, Barry Ellis. Backed by years of racing and high-powered automotive fabrication, Ellis was able to assist in designing a highly technical track with over 200 feet of elevation changes, blind corners, negative and positive camber turns, and a 2,200-foot straightaway.

After months of construction, the track saw its first hot lap on August 16th, 2009. Due to the 4,400-foot elevation of Inde Motorsports Ranch, the track able to stay open year-round. The unique climate gives members the chance to drive at times when other tracks are shut down due to weather during the winter and early spring. In a time of economic depression, the track was able to be constructed without financing or member deposits due to careful planning and the help of Graham Dorland’s son, Head of Marketing and Sales, and minority owner, CJ Dorland.

The 2.75-mile, 21 turn track is an automotive and aviation enthusiasts dream. Packed with challenging corners, hairpins, sweepers, and over 200-feet of elevation changes, the track not only invites drivers to push their vehicle to the limit, but provides an exciting and rewarding motoring experience. The track can be separated into two different courses: the technically challenging North Course, and the South Course that features many high-speed corners. Driver safety is also a priority at Inde Motorsports Ranch. Numerous runoff areas, ample curbing, and deep gravel pits have all been incorporated into the design of the track to make it one of the safest private motorsports clubs.

Apart from the stunning scenery, Inde Motorsports Ranch also boasts track-side historic aircraft and doubles as an FAA-approved private airport. The passion that Graham Dorland holds for aeronautics is proudly on display as each turn bears the name of a military aircraft. Sitting alongside the track are an F-86, MiG-17, and a recently-delivered A-4 Skyhawk, adding to the unique desert atmosphere. The private runway at Inde Motorsports Ranch measures 3,800 feet in length, 2,200 of which is used as the main straightaway on the racetrack. The facility also includes an aircraft hangar, observation tower, and private garages to accommodate guests.

Inde Motorsports Park

While the members and their privacy are the focus of Inde Motorsports Ranch, the track has also played host to a number of events. On November 13th, MotoringExposure motorsport partners, the Jeff Andretti Coaching Group LLC., will hold a special high-performance driving clinic at Inde Motorsports Ranch. The all-day event will give drivers the opportunity to be coached by racing legend Jeff Andretti and professional driver Kai Goddard. Instead of being taught in the classroom, participants will receive hands-on instruction on becoming a faster driver. The inaugural event will end with a series of performance driving competitions, the winner of which will be crowned the Inaugural High-Performance Driving Clinic Champion. MotoringExposure will be sure to follow up with a full review of the exciting event so stay tuned!

Currently, there are two lap records held at Inde Motorsports Ranch. The fastest lap in an automobile is held by Jamie Slone in a Formula Mazda, with an incredible 1:45.49 time. Chris Peris, AMA Professional, set the motorcycle record by speeding around the 2.75-mile track in just 1:47.2. We’ll see if those records hold up after the Inaugural High-Performance Driving Clinic with the Jeff Andretti Coaching Group on November 13th!

Inde Motorsports Ranch will also be hosting an exciting Vintage Racing Series from January to April of 2011, proudly featuring some of the most historic and legendary automobiles of the 20th century as they battle it out on the 2.75-mile track. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the thrilling racing series next year!

For more information about Inde Motorsports Ranch visit http://www.indemotorsports.com. Don’t forget to check out the Inaugural High-Performance Driving Clinic with the Jeff Andretti Coaching Group at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/911206443.

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