MotoringExposure Weekly Recap 2-11

Can’t access the internet at work? Had a busy day? Here’s a recap of the exciting cars, videos, and car culture accessories that you may have missed this week!

This past week started off with a bang as the New York Giants won the Super Bowl and automotive companies showed off their new advertisements, the most popular of which were Acura’s and Chrysler’s. We took a look at some new tuning programs from ABT Sportsline, A Kahn Design, Brabus, and RENM Performance; showed off two new featured fitments from PUR Wheels and HRE Performance Wheels; and ended the week with a Faux-rarri replica FAIL.

Car Tuning

The A Kahn Design Imperial Blue Cosworth Edition Range Rover – Blue and tuned.

The Sweet and Sassy ABT Sportsline AS5 – Smooth lines, soft curves, and ABT Power.

The Widebody SL (R230) Mercedes-Benz by Prior Design – Still need that Black Series?

Brabus takes on the Family Hauler with the new B-Class W245 Tuning Program – The Brabus people carrier.

The all-new LP700-4 LE-C Aventador Tuning Program by RENM Performance – Exclusive performance.

edo competition builds the Fastest Porsche Panamera Turbo S – There’s a new king in town.

Featured Fitment

How Do You Compliment An Already Impressive Ferrrari 458 Pininfarina Masterpiece? – With an equally impressive pair of shoes!

Go Back to the Future with the HRE Vintage Forged Wheel Collection – Classic design with modern technology.

Car Video

Two Ferrari F 355 Spyders create a V-8 symphony – Turn up your speakers for this one!

Watch the Nissan GT-R vs F10 BMW M5 – Twin-turbo madness.

Welcoming the Porsche 991 with past 911s – “Hey, check out the new guy.”

The G-Power BMW M3 GTS SK-II CS Supercharged – Supercharged track-day menace.

Friday Fail

The Faux-rarri Pontiac Fiero F50 – 1980s American performance and 1980s Italian reliability.

Make sure you check back next week for full-throttle aftermarket car tuning news, sports cars, car video, and luxury car culture!

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