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Go Back to the Future with the HRE Vintage Forged Wheel Collection

HRE Vintage Series Forged Wheels

Classic design with modern technology.

Remember that poster of your favorite super car hanging on your wall as a kid, that poster that ignited your passion for all things automotive? Some classics were meant to live on, and that’s what HRE Performance Wheels has done with their new Vintage forged wheel series.

There’s no question that wheel and tire technology has progressed exponentially since the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s when red-hot Italian and German sports cars adorned every adolescent’s bedroom wall. As super cars from that era begin to fade away and turn into garage queens, HRE Performance Wheels has designed and developed a Vintage forged wheel Series that utilizes modern technology and classic styling.

The new HRE Vintage Series is comprised of three classic wheel designs in a wide range of sizing and finishes. Each wheel is made using forged technology to ensure maximum strength and low weight, and constructed in a traditional three-piece configuration. The entire HRE Vintage Series was analyzed with state-of-the-art equipment and made from aircraft quality alloy.

Three different vintage forged wheel designs are available from HRE Performance Wheels: the 454 Italian five window design, 501 European three piece mesh, and 505 fat five-spoke wheel. All three designs can be ordered in 18 to 20 inch diameters with 7 to 14 inch widths. A virtually limitless range of finishes can be applied by hand with classic gold, bronze, and polished being featured.

The HRE Vintage Series can be fitted to modern super cars such as the Ferrari 458 Italia, new Porsche 991 911, or Lamborghini Aventador, amongst others, and classic cars for modern performance and technology.

The entire HRE Vintage Series is currently available from HRE Performance Wheels. Pricing and fitment specifications are currently available through the company’s website.

HRE Vintage Series Forged Wheels Gallery

[Source: HRE Performance Wheels]

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