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Friday Fail: The Faux-rarri Pontiac Fiero F50

Faux-Rarri Ferrari F50 Replica

1980s American performance and 1980s Italian reliability.

Kit cars and replicas serve a purpose in the automotive world. They are inexpensive tributes to cars that are extremely rare or unattainable for a vast majority of the population. They oftentimes require hundreds, if not thousands of hours of labor and customization in order to create a proper replica. But then there are some that just kind of make us scratch our heads, and this Faux-rarri F50 replica that popped up on eBay Motors is one of them.

Now, don’t get us wrong, there looks to be a great deal of work that was dedicated into building this Ferrari replica, and we’re not taking that away from the builder. But, if you’re going to make a Ferrari replica, please don’t make it look like some kind of disproportioned Ronald McDonald clown car. Make it look right, and please, don’t start with the Pontiac Fiero.

The Pontiac Fiero has long been a favorite of kit car and replica builders for its mid-engined, rear-wheel drive layout, and its inexpensive price. Oftentimes, the original powertrain is kept and the entire body is revised with some kind of Frankenstein-ish bodywork that is a slap in the face to the car that it is being built after.

This Faux-rarri F50 replica was listed on eBay Motors and is currently for sale. It has half of the cylinders of the original F50 and diamond plated metal interior trim. The 175 horsepower V-6 doesn’t quite have the same 520 horsepower punch or gated six-speed manual transmission that the original F50 does, but the engine and automatic transmission underwent a thorough rebuild according to the seller.

This Ferrari replica has only 700 miles on the odometer and the current bid is just over $6,000. The Faux-rarri does not come standard with AC, but who needs it when you have an open top and an Italian V-12, err, good ol’ American V-6 screaming behind you? Here’s a link to the auction if you’re interested too!

Faux-Rarri F50 Replica Gallery

[Source eBay Motors]

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