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The G-Power BMW M3 GTS SK-II CS Supercharged Video


Supercharged track-day menace.

Remember that G-Power BMW M3 GTS that we featured a while back? Well, G-Power decided to make a video and take it out for a spin!

G-Power has a knack for developing high-output BMW tuning programs that utilize forced-induction. The G-Power M3 GTS was no exception, and which was transformed from a factory track star into a supercharged racer. The G-Power BMW M3 GTS saw the addition of the SK-II CS supercharger system, an increase in displacement to 4.4 liters, and a number of other upgrades that boosted power from 450 to 635 horsepower.

The G-Power M3 GTS is pretty quick on its feet, as you can see in the video. It is capable of accelerating to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds, 124 mph in 11.9, and reaches a top speed of 200.7 mph (323 km/h). Plus, it has a vibrant orange that rivals that of Lamborghini’s color palette.

Is there any more that you could want?

[Source: G-Power YouTube Channel]

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