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The new A Kahn Design Aston Martin Cygnet and GMT Watch

A Kahn Design Aston Martin Cygnet

Timely tuning for a controversial car.

If you talk to a group of automotive enthusiasts about the Aston Martin Cygnet you will likely cause some kind of controversy. Some will voice their opposition to the car, stating that it’s nothing more than a dressed up Toyota iQ. Others will state that it’s a great way for a super car company to lower their overall emissions to meet new standards. But, no matter what side you stand on, the reviews are nothing short of mixed.

Afzal Kahn of A Kahn Design understood the controversy the car has created, but decided to challenge himself and his team by promising to “transform this baby Aston Martin Cygnet to something more refined.” He was able to accomplish this with a new range of accessories and upgrades, while also providing owners with a special Kahn watch.

The A Kahn Design Cygnet tuning program was given a brand new metallic imperial blue exterior paint finish with metallic blue bonnet louvres. The ride height of the entire car was reduced thanks to a new Kahn lowering module and each brake caliper was given a coat of heat-resistant blue paint. At the rear of the city car sits the new Kahn cross-haired exhaust tips and stainless steel exhaust system. The A Kahn Design Cygnet also features Kahn RS wheels with original center caps in a 17-inch front and 18-inch rear fitment. Each wheel can be finished in any color to suit customer taste.

Just like the rest of Afzal Kahn’s designs, the interior of the Cygnet can be furnished to customer specification with a wide array of leathers, stitching, trims, and accessories.

As a perfect complement to the Aston Martin Cygnet, customers will receive a new Kahn watch. The Kahn GMT Pure features a white face, stainless steel case, Swiss Quartz movement, date function, and major world cities and time zones. Each Kahn GMT Pure measures 40 mm in diameter and comes standard with a full soft leather strap.

The A Kahn Design Cygnet is currently available and can be custom-tailored to suit customer specifications. The Kahn watch also comes standard with the upgraded Cygnet. Pricing for the complete package has not been released.

Kahn Aston Martin Cygnet Tuning Specifications

-Metallic Imperial Blue paint
-Metallic Blue bonnet louvres
-Kahn stainless steel exhaust system with cross-hair tips

Wheels, Suspension, Brakes:
Wheels: Kahn RS wheels with original center caps and custom finish
Wheel Size: 17 inches (front) and 18 inches (rear)
Suspension: Kahn lowering module
Brakes: Calipers painted in heat resistant blue paint

Factory Options:
-First Aid Kit
-Rear Parking Sensors
-Bright Finish Upper and Lower Grille
-Mirror Cap in Body Colour
-Tailgate Finisher
-Mesh in Magnum Silver
-Tailgate Spoiler
-Satellite Navigation

A Kahn Design GMT Pure Watch Specifications:
-Pure white Face
-Stainless Steel Case
-50M Water Resistant
-Quartz Movement
-Date function
-Black Leather Strap with contrast white stitching
-World time zones with all major world cities
-Kahn Inscription
-40MM Diameter
-Swiss Made

Kahn Aston Martin Cygnet Tuning and Watch Gallery

[Source: A Kahn Design]

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