MotoringExposure Weekly Recap 9-3

Can’t access the internet at work? Had a busy day? Here’s a recap of the exciting cars, videos, and car culture accessories that you may have missed this week!

Fall is fast approaching and so is the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). Some automakers such as Porsche have already begun unveiling some of their new models ahead of the show. This Labor Day weekend will also feature the Baltimore Grand Prix. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the last long weekend of summer!

Aftermarket Car Tuning News

The new Novitec Alfa Romeo Giulietta is one Hot Hatch – Red hot Italian performance.

TechArt unveils power and aero upgrades for the Porsche Cayenne – Luxury, Power, and Performance.

Gemballa enters Racing with a new team and two McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Racecars – Going from modifying cars to racing them.

DMC Lamborghini Molto Veloce Murciélago Tuning and Styling – Raw Italian style.

Sports Cars

The Special Edition Maserati GranCabrio Fendi – The Italian fashionista’s Maserati.

Audi unveils the new 2012 S6 and S6 Avant with the 4.0 TFSI – Modern Power.

The new 2012 Audi S7 and its twin-turbo 4.0 TFSI come to Frankfurt – Contemporary Power

The 2012 Audi S8 and 4.0 TFSI Exposed – Executive Power.

Get ready to race with the 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 R – Racing with an advantage.

Car Video

The new Trailer for the Porsche 991 911 Carrera – Porsche unveils its newest 991 Video.

BMW takes six lucky Guys to the Green Hell in the new BMW F10 M5 – Six guys go for the ride of their life.

Underground Racing Twin turbo Ferrari Video – A force-fed Ferrari monster.

Luxury Car Culture

Estede and Bentley Launch their newest 18ct Sunglasses – High class sunglasses.

The new Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Bag line– Lightweight carbon fiber performance and practicality.

Make sure you check back next week for full-throttle aftermarket car tuning news, sports cars, car video, and luxury car culture!

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