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Big Bill Hell’s Iconic Car Commercial is Still the Best-Ever!

Big Bill Hell's

It’s one of the greatest jokes.

Local car dealership commercials are – and have always been – the worst things on television. These low-budget ads are full of gimmicks to draw people in for incredible deals and tacky giveaways. But the best one ever created was a joke for a 1990s faux award show called the ‘Ad Follies’ for the Advertising Association of Baltimore.

Big Bill Hell's

Big Bill Hell’s Cars is a fictional automotive dealership starring in this legendary local car commercial that gives the finger to every single customer by playing on scummy local car dealer stereotypes. This profanity-filled fake car ad takes things to a whole new level with an honest F-you approach to sales and late-‘80s GM car footage.

You really shouldn’t watch this if you’re at work or anywhere in public with computer/phone speakers for that matter. Put on some headphones and laugh at this 1990s parody ad that is going down in history as one of the best ever.

(Warning NSFW!)

Is this the greatest fake car advertisement, ever?


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