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Mahk is Back as a LEGO and Breakin’ Chevy’s Bricks!

Zebra Corner Mahk LEGO Chevrolet Silverado

The quality is bad even with their toys.

Our favorite Chevrolet basher is back and this time he’s in the form of a toy that you definitely don’t want your kids playing with. After Chevrolet made a full-size Silverado to promote the new LEGO movie, Mahk figured it would a good time to create a NSFW parody.

Zebra Corner Mahk LEGO Chevrolet Silverado

Mahk is not thrilled to be in LEGO form, as he quickly finds that he is missing a few digits and appendages. He then shifts his focus to his good buddy, ‘Ponch’, who is again trying to trick this focus group into believing how great the new Chevrolet Silverado is based on all these reports and surveys.

Well, that didn’t stop Mahk from bashing the vehicle even in LEGO form as his fellow focus group members lusted after the Silverado. After roasting the truck, they subsequently destroyed it by testing its hauling capability with LEGO bricks. Members of the focus group died, Ponch left, and Mahk was left admiring his glowing Suzuki Grand Vitara.

Just another day in the Chevrolet marketing department.

Source: Zebra Corner

Would you like to smash Chevrolet’s LEGO Silverado with Mahk?


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