The new Ferrari P80/C is a one-off Extreme Track-Car!

Ferrari P80/C

The “Hero Car”.

Back in 2015, a long-time Ferrari client and connoisseur began working with the automaker to create a very special one-off machine. The goal was to create a modern sports car prototype that evoked the storied racing history of Ferrari. The result was the Ferrari P80/C.

Ferrari P80/C

Both the Ferrari 330 P3/P4 and 1966 Dino 206 S were used as inspiration with the new Ferrari P80/C to create a vehicle that did not exist in the brand’s model range. The client worked closely with the Ferrari Styling Center along with the engineering and aerodynamics teams to create a vehicle without restriction and uncompromised performance.

The new Ferrari P80/C is based on the chassis of the 488 GT3 racer. This was chosen due to its wheelbase being 50 mm longer than the road-going 488 GTB. The longer wheelbase also allowed for a more cab-forward design for a more aggressive look.

Ferrari P80/C

The Ferrari P80/C has a classic Italian wedge-shape profile with muscular fenders at the front and rear. From above, the front fenders extend outwards then become slim around the cockpit before extending outwards again over the rear axle to create a wasp-like shape. The powerful fenders with the cabin set between also create the impression that the cabin and body are fused together in a seamless shape. Flying buttresses extend from the rear to the roof and pay homage to the 330 P3/P4, Dino, and 250 LM berlinetta models.

Ferrari P80/C

Much of the aerodynamics seen on the Ferrari P80/C had their start on the 488 GT3 model. Here, however, engineers did not have to conform to regulations for racing and were given the green light to create uncompromised aerodynamics. A new front splitter is used while the expansion curve and vortex generations are taken right from the 488 GT3. Every single exterior surface is unique to the P80/C and made from carbon fiber, resulting in an improvement in overall efficiency of approximately five-percent.

Ferrari P80/C

The front of the Ferrari P80/C has a sharp wing-like nose with an extended front splitter. Large radiator air vents are integrated behind the fascia with outlets on the contoured hood. The headlights have been replaced with thin slits similar to that of the 330 P3/P4. At the rear, the wide rear spoiler generates a large amount of downforce and matches the two taillights that are reminiscent of air vents. Below, a simple grille exposes the running gear and creates a catamaran-like design that helps dissipate heat. Finishing it off is a large rear diffuser that extends outwards.
The Ferrari P80/C comes with two setups as requested by the client. A racing setup includes a large carbon fiber rear wing spoiler and 18-inch center-locking wheels. The exhibition setup includes 21-inch wheels but does not include the extreme aerodynamics in an effort to showcase the car’s pure form.

Ferrari P80/C

Inside, much of the cockpit remains the same as the 488 GT3 donor vehicle. The Ferrari P80/C does have new dashboard side sections, seat upholstery, and carbon fiber shell door panels.

The one-off Ferrari P80/C is covered in Rosso Vero – a color name chosen by the client. The only parts left bare are the technical and aerodynamic parts to showcase their functions.

The new Ferrari P80/C is strictly a one-off vehicle and pricing has not been released.

Ferrari P80/C Gallery

Source: Ferrari

Is the new Ferrari P80/C the most extreme track-only Ferrari model ever made for a client?


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