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Spring is Here and so is the Novitec Ferrari Portofino!

Novitec Ferrari Portofino

More power for the drop-top Italian.

If you’re looking for an exotic convertible to enjoy the warm days of spring and summer, the team at Novitec has just the right car for you. The new Ferrari Portofino by Novitec is here and it has everything you could ask for from the Italian drop-top. There’s more power, quicker acceleration, more aggressive looks, and even more comfort for you to show off when the sun is shining.

Novitec Ferrari Portofino

The 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine mounted in front of the driver is ripe for tuning and the team at Novitec developed three different flavors of fun. The second level includes two plug-and-play Novitec N-Tronic modules that optimize ignition, injection, boost pressure, and more for a total of 668 horsepower and 628 lb-ft. of torque.

In its most powerful form, the Novitec Ferrari Portofino produces 684 horsepower at 7,400 RPM and 642 lb-ft. of torque at 4,750 RPM. That comes thanks to the new plug-and-play modules along with a high-performance exhaust system available in stainless steel or INCONEL, the latter of which cuts up to 24 lbs. of weight. Customers can also opt for actively controlled exhaust flaps.

Novitec Ferrari Portofino

The most powerful variant of the Novitec Ferrari Portofino is capable of accelerating to 62 mph in just 3.2 seconds and hitting a top speed of 202 mph. It also has a more instantaneous throttle response for spirited driving.

Visually, the Ferrari Portofino is more dramatic and athletic thanks to a custom-tailored carbon fiber aerodynamic package developed in a wind tunnel. The transformation starts with the front fascia where a new spoiler combines with air deflector inserts for the side sir intakes to reduce lift and optimize cooling. New inserts are slotted into the hood while gill-shaped surrounds replace those found in the front fenders. New carbon fiber mirrors sit above new rocker panels that calm the air flow around the rear wheels.

Novitec Ferrari Portofino

The rear of the Novitec Ferrari Portofino is also more aggressive. Here, Novitec installed a new fascia attachment made from lightweight carbon fiber that neatly integrates the exhaust outlets and diffuser. A new spoiler lip sits above and helps generate downforce for better overall stability.

Hitting the pavement is a choice of two different forged wheels developed in conjunction with Vossen. The featured model is the NF8 wheel with directionally-shaped spokes that help improve airflow through the wheel arches. Each one of these tailor-made wheels is designed for a different side and axle of the car.

Novitec Ferrari Portofino

On the Ferrari Portofino, the new Novitec and Vossen forged wheels are installed in a staggered 21 x 9.0J front and 22 x 12.0J rear fitment with 255/30 ZR21 and 315/25 ZR22 Pirelli high-performance tires, respectively. Customers can also opt for Novitec sport springs that reduce the ride height by 35 mm as well as an optional hydraulic front-end lift system that raises the ride height by 40 m at the touch of a button.

The final aspect of the Novitec Ferrari Portofino transformation is the interior. Here, craftsman can install fine leather, alcantara, and other upholstery in a wide range of colors and stitching patterns with matching trim to suit any customer’s wishes.

Novitec Ferrari Portofino

The new Novitec Ferrari Portofino is currently available as a complete package or individual accessories.

Novitec Ferrari Portofino Specifications

Displacement: 3.9 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 684 / 503 kW at 7,400 RPM
Maximum Torque: 642 lb-ft. / 871 Nm at 4,750 RPM

Acceleration 0-62 MPH: 3.2 seconds
Top Speed: 202 MPH / 325 KM/H

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: Novitec NF8
Front Wheels: 21 x 9.0J
Rear Wheels: 22 x 12.0J
Front Tires: 255/30 ZR21
Rear Tires: 315/25 ZR22
Suspension: Sport springs; 35 mm lower
Optional: Front-end hydraulic lift system

Novitec Ferrari Portofino Gallery

Source: Novitec Group

Is the 684-HP Novitec Ferrari Portofino the ultimate drop-top for summer?


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