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Mahk is Stuck in the Desert with the Last Truck Standing

Mahk Chevy Real People Not Actors truck dependability

And it’s a Chevy.

When you make a truck commercial, you have to make the vehicle(s) look tough, rugged, and dependable. So, Chevrolet brought out some “Real People, Not Actors” to the Mojave Desert in an effort to show off their Silverado and Colorado models against the competition.

The brilliant marketing department at GM thought that having these real people standing in the middle of the desert watching a V-formation of trucks slowly driving towards them in the scorching heat would be a great way to show off just how durable and dependable their new trucks are. If you’re one of the “Real People”, that sounds absolutely miserable.

Mahk Chevy Real People Not Actors truck dependability

As the pack of trucks got closer, the trucks from other brands broke off and drove away in an effort to show that Chevrolets last longer. In reality, all those trucks did just fine and were still driving away like effortlessly for the commercial – so point kind of missed there.

During this whole time, our favorite Boston asshole from Zebra Corner, Mahk, was there picking apart Chevys and their vehicles while also comparing the whole commercial setup to the final, grizzly scene from ‘Seven’.

Of course, when the Chevrolet Silverados and Colorado pull up by themselves, they fall apart (thanks to some million-dollar CGI animation), proving Mahk’s point.

The bonus scene is also worth a watch if you’ve seen ‘Seven’ as well.

Source: Zebra Corner

How bad was Chevrolet’s ‘Real People. Not Actors.’ Desert Truck dependability commercial?


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