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Friday FAIL: You’re too Heavy for the Bridge, Idiot!

Friday FAIL Too Heavy for Bridge

This could have been so much worse.

If you were lucky enough to play ‘Bridge Builder’ in tech class back in the day, then you know all about weight limits, bridge design, and terrible virtual accidents. This bus driver going across Beaver Bridge in Beaver, Ark., apparently doesn’t understand weight limits and it almost resulted in a devastating accident in a real-life ‘Bridge Builder’ test.

Friday FAIL Too Heavy for Bridge

The signs that are posted on and around the bridge state that the limit is 10 tons. This bus has a weight of 35 tons. If you do some math, then you’ll realize that the bus is way over the posted limit.

As the bus begins to drive over, onlookers and other motorists begin to honk and try to warn the driver but it was already too late. The bus driver kept going as the bridge began to sag and move. Thankfully, the engineer(s), builders, and architect(s) of this bridge did an absolutely fantastic job with their design and it was able to hold the overweight bus as it drove across without failing.

According to KATV, the ARDOT closed, reviewed, and inspected the bridge for damage after the video before re-opening it to traffic.

Thankfully the bridge held and nobody was hurt or injured.

Source: ViralHog YouTube,

How stupid was the bus driver to go across this 10-ton bridge with a 35-ton bus?


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