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The MR Car Design Volkswagen Passat CC is a 500+HP Sleeper

MR Car Design Passat CC

A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The Volkswagen Passat CC brought the popular “four-door coupe” design that was originally started by the Mercedes-Benz CLS to a bigger marketplace thanks to its more affordable price tag. The first-generation model was incredibly popular and redefined styling in that segment. Unfortunately, Volkswagen never produced a performance variant of the Passat CC, but the team at MR Car Design has taken care of that for owners of the first-generation model.

The closest thing to a factory performance variant customers could buy was the all-wheel drive, 3.6-liter VR6 model, fully loaded with all of the goodies. Its 300 horsepower and 258 lb-ft. of torque provided a decent amount of power, but it was still missing that “oomph” that it really needed to be a performance “coupe”. The MR Car Design Passat CC is nothing short of a rocket thanks to a full-on turbocharger upgrade that almost doubles output. The German tuner installed a full HGP Turbo Upgrade system along with a new exhaust to reduce backpressure, pushing output all the way to 502 horsepower and 516 lb-ft. of torque.

MR Car Design Passat CC

All of that power being sent through the 4Motion all-wheel drive system makes the MR Car Design Passat CC a wolf in sheep’s clothing at the stoplight. But the German tuner wasn’t finished with the coupe and completely upgraded the chassis.

Starting things off was a KW-developed DDC coilover suspension system with motorized dampers and new front and rear H&R stabilizers for better handling performance. New StopTech ST-40 brakes were installed at the front with grooved 355 x 32 mm discs while the rear utilizes new EBC Brakes to bring the car to a halt. The finishing touch is a new set of OZ “transparent” Ultraleggera wheels in a 8.0 x 18 ET35 setup with 235/40-18 sport tires.

All of the upgrades that make the MR Car Design Passat CC such a sleeper are currently available to order from the German company. Pricing for the modifications has not been released.

MR Car Design Passat CC Specifications

[toggle title=”Engine”]
Displacement: 3.6 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-6
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 502
Maximum Torque: 516 lb-ft. (700 Nm)
-HGP Turbo Upgrade
-MR Car Design exhaust system

[toggle style=”closed” title=”Chassis”]
Wheels: OZ “transparent” Ultraleggera
Wheel Size: 8.0 x 18 ET35
Tires: 235/40-18
Suspension: KW DDC coilover suspension, front and rear H&R stabilizers
Brakes: Front StopTech ST-40 brakes with 355 x 32 mm grooved discs, rear EBC Brakes

MR Car Design Passat CC Gallery


[Source: MR Car Design]

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