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So THIS is How you Pronounce German Car Brands Properly!

Pronouncing German Car Names

Deutsch sprechen!

Car enthusiasts should know how to properly pronounce the names of car brands. You look like you have no idea what you are talking about when you incorrectly say an automaker’s name. Zee Germans are a bit more difficult than other automakers when it comes to pronunciation, and it’s caused some pretty heated debates.

Pronouncing German Car Names

Thankfully, this angry German man is here to set the record straight for all of us English-speaking Americans. No longer will you be incorrectly saying “outtie”, “Merrrcedes-Benz”, or, the dreaded “Porsch”.

Watch, listen, and learn because this is one language lesson that you’ll need to prevent looking like an idiot!

Source: Speed Comparer YouTube

Were you incorrectly pronouncing the names of German automakers before this video?


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