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Friday FAIL: Idiots Just Can’t Handle this Intersection!

Friday FAIL: Worst Intersection

It’s hard, folks.

Go almost anywhere in the United States and you’ll find stupid drivers. Cell phones aren’t the only reason for the mind-boggling idiocy, either. People are just plain stupid and uneducated when it comes to driving properly. So, Adam Palya decided to film it at an intersection near his apartment that is well known for this type of behavior.

Friday FAIL: Worst Intersection

First off, whoever designed this intersection without stoplights for a heavily-trafficked road needs to lose their job because they are putting lives at risk with its layout. A multi-lane, busy road intersects with a standard two-lane road with stop signs on either side. In the middle of the intersection, there’s space for a car to stop without meeting traffic coming from both directions – but it’s not designed to work that way. Cars that want to turn left on the multi-lane roadway are forced to sit in a turn lane waiting for traffic to open up (which doesn’t happen often).

So, in short, it’s an utter mess and a shit design.

Still, people cannot properly go through this intersection. After becoming frustrated with the waiting game that this intersection presents, they get desperate and try to pull off some very courageous – and dangerous – moves that are incredibly stupid and idiotic.

In the latest video, there’s everything from near-misses, police, and a bus almost completely annihilating a car. All in a normal night.

Source: adam palya YouTube

How scared would you be to drive through this intersection?


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