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Watch this Volkswagen Beetle Do some Serious Barrel Rolls

VW Bugzilla Drag Racing Crash

Thankfully, the driver wasn’t seriously injured.

Drag Racing can be very dangerous. With so much power, incredible acceleration, and triple-digit speeds, the slightest mistake can yield disastrous results. The famed Volkswagen ‘Bugzilla’ had itself a fiery and dangerous crash at the ‘Lights Out 8’ drag racing event.

VW Bugzilla Drag Racing Crash

Driven by Ron Clark, the Volkswagen Beetle aka ‘Bugzilla’ was putting down some serious power and time on the drag strip. After crossing the finish line at this race, the car lost control and slammed into the concrete barrier, shooting sparks and going into a barrel roll before igniting into flames.

Thankfully, Clark was able to get out of the car under his own power and was taken to the hospital for “evaluation”. We’re glad, because this accident could’ve been much, much worse.

Source: High Tech Corvette YouTube

How scared would you be if you were the driver of the Volkswagen ‘Bugzilla’ during this crash?


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