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MTM takes on the new Audi S8 Biturbo

MTM Audi S8 Biturbo

Keeping it classy.

The Audi S8 is one of the more understated performance luxury sedans. It doesn’t have any huge spoilers, bulging fenders, and ostentatious upgrades that turn heads. It allows its 4.0 TFSI engine do the talking and it’s hard to beat. The team at MTM – Motoren Technik Mayer was able to keep the Audi S8’s classy presence but boost its performance considerably, making it a sports sedan that flies under the radar.

The lone exterior modification that the MTM Audi S8 Biturbo receives is the 10.5 x 21 Bitmoto wheels that wear 305/30 ZR21 tires and offer a wider footprint than the stock setup. Customers can also order the Bitmoto wheels in sizes ranging from 9.5 x 19 to 10.5 x 21 and include the necessary spacers and equipment for the perfect fitment.

MTM Audi S8 Biturbo

Beneath the hood sits a powerful 520 horsepower 4.0 TFSI twin-turbocharged engine seen in the range of new RS- and S-models from Audi. The team at MTM was able to push the engine well past the 600 horsepower mark with its new M-Cantronic software optimization system. The tune yields a total of 650 horsepower at 5,950 and 590 lb-ft. from 1,700 to 5,500 RPM. This helps reduce the 0-62 mph acceleration time down to four seconds flat and allows the S8 to reach an electronically limited top speed of 182 mph. In addition to the M-Cantronic tune, customers can also order a cat-back exhaust system with quad tailpipes and dual throttle valves that raises output to 660 horsepower at 5,950 RPM and 594 lb-ft. of torque from 1,700 to 5,550 RPM.


Bringing the Audi S8 Biturbo to a stop are new brakes that utilize the factory calipers. MTM installed a new set of 405 x 38 mm discs at the front to bring the performance sedan to a halt quicker. The Audi S8 Biturbo can also be fitted with a new F-Cantronic II suspension module that adjusts the air suspension at the touch of a button and automatically lowers the ride height by 25 mm at the front and 20 mm in back.

All of the featured upgrades on the MTM Audi S8 Biturbo are currently available as a complete package or individual upgrades. The M-Cantronic software is priced at 4,925 Euros, while the stainless steel exhaust costs 4,500 Euros. MTM’s Bitmoto wheels and tires can be installed for 5,800 Euros, the F-Cantronic II air suspension for 1,750 Euros, and the modified brakes for 6,700 Euros. The featured black MTM Audi S8 Biturbo with the power kit and chassis can be purchased for 155,000 Euros.

MTM Audi S8 Biturbo Specifications

Displacement: 4.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 650 (660 w/exhaust) at 5,950 RPM
Maximum Torque: 590 lb-ft. (594 lb-ft. w/exhaust) from 1,700 to 5,500 RPM
-M-Cantronic II ECU software
-Stainless steel catback quad exhaust system with dual throttle valves

Acceleration 0-62 mph: 4.0 seconds
Top Speed: 182 mph (electronically limited)

Wheels, Tires, Suspension, and Brakes:
Wheels: MTM Bitmoto
Wheel Size: 10.5 x 21
Tires: 305/30 ZR21
Suspension: F-Cantronic II air suspension
Brakes: 405 x 38 mm discs; factory brake calipers

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Source: MTM – Motoren Technik Mayer

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