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MTM Polished Audi R8 Biturbo and TT-RS Exposed

Three turbos, 15 cylinders, one auto stand at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show will showcase a great deal of new car models from both automobile manufacturers and tuners. At the MTM – Motoren Technik Mayer stand, the German tuner will showcase two high-powered models that have tackled the high-speed track at Nardo, Italy with 190+ and 200+ mph runs. The center of attention will be the MTM Audi R8 Biturbo with a polished exterior and a twin-turbocharged V-10, while the MTM TT-RS will try and steal the show with a 472-hosepower engine.

Dressed in a shimmering exterior, the MTM Audi R8 Biturbo is a 200+ mph monster with a force-fed V-10. The engine, similar to the one previously used and tested by MTM in the Audi RS6, uses two turbochargers to push power output to a spine-tingling 777 horsepower and 655 lb-ft. of torque. This added power helps the R8 reach 62 mph in 3.0 seconds, 124 mph in 9.37 seconds, and 186 mph in just 19.42 seconds. After testing at the high-speed track at Nardo, Italy, a top speed of over 217.49 mph (350 km/h).

The high top speed and incredible power of the R8 Biturbo necessitated a number of chassis and aerodynamic upgrades, all overshadowed by the glowing polished body. Lowering the ride height is a coilover kit with adjustable suspension for improved handling, while 20-inch Bitmoto forged wheels are fitted along with MTM 380 x 34 mm dimpled brake discs and eight-piston calipers at all four corners. MTM also added a new carbon fiber rear wing and front spoiler to improve downforce and stability. The most glaring aspect of the R8 Biturbo however, is the polished paint. To achieve this unique look, the original paint was removed and the car was polished for over 700 hours by hand. The result is a show-stopping appearance that is matched only by its 777 horsepower engine. Additionally, the R8 Bitrubo also is fitted with a complete red leather interior with carbon fiber trim.

Sitting alongside the Biturbo will be the MTM Audi TT-RS. Under the hood is a 472 horsepower, 443-lb-ft. turbocharged five-cylinder tuned by MTM. The TT-RS will wear four 20-inch MTM Schmiederad wheels in BIMOTO Design, behind which will be four 380 x 34 mm dimpled brake discs with eight-piston calipers for excellent stopping power. Performance for the TT-RS is impressive, as 0-62 mph takes only 3.9 seconds while the top speed is 193.87 mph (312 km/h).

Both the MTM Audi R8 Biturbo and MTM Audi TT-RS will be on display from March 3rd-13th at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The MTM Audi R8 Biturbo will be available for € 400,000 (+/- 553,000 USD), while the MTM TT-RS will retail for € 84,166 (+/- 116,300 USD). Customers will also have the option to purchase individual accessories for each model separately.

MTM Audi R8 Biturbo Specifications

Maximum Horsepower: 777
Maximum Torque: 654.87 lb-ft.
-MTM Twin-turbocharger upgrade

Acceleration 0-62 mph: 3.0 seconds
Acceleration 0-124 mph: 9.37 seconds
Acceleration 0-186 mph: 19.42 seconds
Top Speed: More than 217.49 mph (350 km/h)

Wheels, Suspension, Brakes, and Body:
Wheels: 20-inch MTM Bitmoto forged wheels
Suspension: MTM coilover kit with adjustable suspension
Brakes: 380 x 34 mm dimpled discs with eight-piston calipers
Aerodynamic: Carbon fiber front spoiler, carbon fiber rear wing
Body: Hand-polished exterior

MTM Audi TT-RS Specifications

Maximum Horsepower: 472 at 7,000 RPM
Maximum Torque: 443 lb-ft. at 4,400 RPM
-MTM engine tuning

Acceleration 0-62 mph: 3.9 seconds
Top Speed: 193.87 mph (312 km/h)

Wheels and Brakes:
Wheels: 20-inch MTM Schmiederad in BIMOTO Design
Brakes: 380 x 34 mm dimpled discs with eight-piston calipers

MTM Audi R8 Biturbo and MTM Audi TT-RS Gallery

[Source: Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH]

Taking price into consideration, which of the two MTM Audi models on display in Geneva would you rather own? Leave a comment and let us know!


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