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MTM tuned Audi RS5 Exposed

An Audi that screams Achtung!

The history of MTM (Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH) began with the legendary Audi Quattro in 1985 while company founder, Roland Mayer, was an engineer at Audi contributing to the development of the legendary 5-cylinder turbo engine. Fast forward to today, and the motorsport and rally DNA passed down through the Audi family tree from the Ur-Quattro has given birth to a powerful all-wheel drive coupe that Roland Mayer again has his hands on.

While the immortal turbocharged inline-five from the Ur-Quattro is retired, the new 4.2-liter, 8,300 RPM 444-hp V-8 in the new RS5 is a worthy successor. And with a bit of MTM Audi engineering, is writing it’s own chapter in the book of Audi performance – The Rev’s never stop. Although the RS5 may be hampered with an electronically limited 155-mph top speed stock, MTM’s V-Cantronic computer pushes the limit to where it should be – at 188 mph. To give the 4.2 a bark that will match its bite, MTM has developed a handcrafted stainless steel exhaust with a throttle valve in both pipes that is designed to achieve maximum flow rate and efficiency, all while keeping the tree huggers happy by maintaining low missions. In order to maintain the engine’s durability, MTM painstakingly tested the tuned Audi RS5 on the road and racetrack.

Even with the Quattro all-wheel drive system that claws at the tarmac to achieve superb grip, MTM has engineered a suspension to further enhance the RS5’s handling and tack on a little flair. Whether the customer is looking for a more dynamic ride or trying to achieve greater comfort, MTM will tune the suspension individually through the use of the F-Cantronic. The soon-to-be-released F-Cantronic optimizes the suspension system through the engine control unit, ensuring the best ride height for comfort, performance, and visual appeal. To add a visual character to the RS5, MTM is offering their special nine-spoke Bitmoto forged wheels. Ranging in sizes from 9.5 x 19 to 10.5 x 21, the ultralight high-strength wheels are shod in either Michelin or Pirelli high-performance tires for outstanding grip and comfort.

Along with the V-8 power and the added flair, MTM also offers a television set for those who can multitask by watching television while driving. Take that texting!

The entire tuning program minus the suspension is currently available through MTM. Optionally, MTM also offers individual accessories for the RS5. For complete MTM Audi RS5 pricing and ordering information visit

Displacement: 4.2 liters
Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
Fuel Injection: FSI direct fuel injection
Maximum Power: 444 hp (450 PS) @ 8,250 RPM
Maximum Torque: 317.15 lb-ft. @ 4,000 – 6,000 RPM
-V-Cantronic ECU upgrade
-Stainless steel exhaust with throttle valve in both pipes

Type: S tronic dual-cutch
No. of Gears: Seven
Drive: Quattro all-wheel
Differential: Self-locking crown-gear center diff. with 60:40 rear torque bias. Optional sport rear differential

Top Speed: 188 mph

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: MTM Bitmoto forged nine-spoke race design
Sizes: 9.5 x 19 to 10.5 x 21
Tires: Pirelli PZero Nero or Michelin XL

-MTM Television
-MTM 20 mm spacers

[Source: MTM]

Is the MTM Audi RS5 a worthy successor to the legendary Audi Quattro? Leave a comment and let us know!


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