The new Gentleman’s Audi Racecar Concept by Mikael Lugnegård

Gentleman’s Audi Racecar Concept

The German hot rod.

It’s always interesting when two radically different styles of automobiles meet to create some kind of outlandish, but incredible design that has everyone asking “When does production start?” That’s exactly what Swedish Freelance Designer, Mikael Lugnegård, accomplished with the new Gentleman’s Audi racecar.

Lugnegård designed the new concept car (that is unfortunately not backed by Audi) and combined the high-end, modern German design characteristics with a classic American hot rod look. The Gentleman’s Audi racecar features smooth and simple body lines with a straightforward approach to speed. A large, single-frame grille that is characteristic of modern Audi models and stares ahead with the long, porthole-filled hood and thin windshield.

The concept car features the aluminum space frame utilized by Audi in many of their models along with an Ohlins racing suspension setup and Brembo brakes. Under the hood with five port-holes on each side sits the Audi R8’s 5.2-liter V-10 engine with an output of 525 horsepower driving the rear wheels.

Unfortunately, this Gentleman’s Audi racecar concept will not be produced by the German automaker, but you can still admire Mikael Lugnegård’s classic design with these stunning pictures. For more of Mikael Lugnegård’s portfolio and other concept cars, visit his website.

Gentleman’s Audi Racecar Concept Gallery

[Source: Lugnegarddesign,]

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