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The new Singer-Williams Porsche Flat-Six sounds Amazing

Singer Williams 911 Flat-Six

Turn up the volume for some test footage.

Singer Vehicle Design Porsche 911s are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous machines. These custom-tailored pieces of rolling 964-generation art bring classic 911 driving to the modern world. A while back, they announced that they would be collaborating with Williams Advanced Engineering – the same Williams that races in F1.

The 4.0-liter, air-cooled motor is a heavily-modified version of the 3.6-liter unit found in the 1990 Porsche 911. Singer and Williams enlisted the help of Hans Mezger, who designed Porsche’s first flat-six engine to aid in the project.

Singer Williams 911 Flat-Six

There’s a lot to like about this engine such as the titanium con-rods, aluminum throttle bodies, dual oil circuits, four-valve heads, carbon fiber intake trumpets and air-box, and ram-air intakes built into the rear fenders. There’s even a lightweight titanium-Inconel exhaust system. The air-cooled motor is good for 9,000 RPM and makes 500 horsepower.

Up until now, the motor just lived in renderings. Here, footage of it being tested on an empty runway has surfaced and it sounds amazing.

Singer is putting the engine in a client’s Porsche 911, however a range of Williams-enhanced components will be available for Singer clients in the future.

Source: Robotpig YouTube

What would you give for the chance to drive the Singer Porsche 911 with this Williams-modified flat-six engine?


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