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The new Vengeance Volante by Kahn is a Top-Dropping Stunner!

Vengeance Volante by Kahn

Greeting Geneva with an open-air style.

Heads turned last year at the Geneva International Motor Show with the Vengeance Volante by Kahn. The coachbuilt sports car was distinctly – and proudly – British, and offered a touch of custom-tailored exclusivity that’s rarely seen in today’s automotive industry. This year, Kahn is back with another head-turner: the Vengeance Volante.

Vengeance Volante by Kahn

The new Vengeance Volante is a convertible version of the Vengeance and is still built on the same bonded aluminum and composite Aston Martin VH platform that’s known for its torsional rigidity and low weight. Just like its coupe counterpart, the Vengeance Volante is also manufactured entirely in the United Kingdom, employing traditional British coachbuilding techniques that have resulted in historic automotive icons.

“Creating a convertible version of the Vengeance posed some challenges, given the unique coach built nature of the vehicle, but we’ve overcome them in true British fashion. Following a detailed program of testing, I’m delighted to be able to unveil the Vengeance Volante at this year’s show, and I’m confident it will receive the same enthusiastic reception as the original model did in 2016,” said Afzal Kahn.

Vengeance Volante by Kahn

The sleek lines and powerful curves that the Vengeance was known for are still prominently on display with the Volante. The design was inspired by the late 20th-century Aston Martin classics that exuded an elegant, high-end aura and confidence.

Vengeance Volante by Kahn

With the new Vengeance Volante by Kahn, the coachbuilt convertible now features a cloth cabriolet hood, designed in a way that retains the signature wide C-pillar that flows right into the powerful fenders. The profile is even sleeker with the top down, further emphasizing the muscular curves and athletic, forward-leaning stance. The same rounded Kahn-designed taillights and cross-hair exhaust lend to an energetic road presence while the staggered wheel setup shows off its rear-wheel drive layout.

Vengeance Volante by Kahn

Inside, passengers will be treated to an exquisite Black leather interior. The seats, center arm rest, and rear parcel shelf have been given a hand-stitched fluted design that is creates a comfortable, high-end atmosphere.

The new Vanquish Volante by Kahn will be produced in limited numbers just like the original coupe model. So, if you’re looking to get an exclusive coachbuilt drop-top, now is the time.

Vengeance Volante by Kahn Gallery

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