Nice And Wet Lamborghini LP-640 w/ COR Wheels – Featured Fitment

With 631 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and a launch control system from the factory, this amazing Lamborghini Murciélago LP-640 was well complimented with a set of race prepped Precise wheels by COR.

The Precise wheel is a light concave mesh design that is available in step lip and reverse lip as displayed on this fitment. For this setup COR machined the wheels using their race-prep option which reduces forging from the wheel, in turn reducing weight while still maintaining its high strength properties.

To assure that traction is not compromised, the front was fitted with 20×8.5 wheels wrapped in 235/30-20s while the rear staggered at 21×13 with 375/20-21 tires. To preserve the factory contrast of the Arancio Atlas (Pearl Orange), the wheel centers and inner and outer lips where finished in Gloss Black.

Fitment Specs

Wheel Brand: COR Wheels
Wheel Model:
Tire Brand: Perelli
Tire Model: PZero Nero
Front: 20×8.5 Wheels 235/30-20 Tires
Rear: 21×13 Wheels 375/20-21 Tires

Fitment Credit

COR Wheels
2799 NW 82nd Ave – Doral, Florida 33122
Phone: 305.477.5850

Photography Credit: Jasen Delgado

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