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Nissan shows us the Best way to Tear down your Tree

Nissan GT-R Christmas Tree Undecoration

Making the end of the Holidays fun!

The worst part of the Holidays is when you have to take down all of the decorations, pack them up in boxes, and throw them in the attic where they sit for 11 months. It’s not nearly as fun as putting them up and the tree is always the biggest pain in the neck.

Nissan GT-R Christmas Tree Undecoration

But Nissan is here to help you with your post-holiday tear-down thanks to their GT-R. Thanks to its utterly insane ability to accelerate, they were able to un-decorate the tree in 2.7 seconds.

That will make your post-holiday life a whole lot easier!

Source: Nissan

Is this the best way to un-decorate your Christmas tree?


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