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Novitec Rosso Shows off their Ferrari F12Berlinetta N-Largo on Video

Novitec Rosso Ferrari F12Berlinetta N-Largo

Widebody Italian Stallion.

Novitec Rosso knows how to have some fun with Ferrari supercars. Everything from aerodynamics and wheels to forced induction beefs up these Italian stallions into monstrous beasts to be reckoned with on the road.

One of the latest creations from the German tuning company is the Ferrari F12Berlinetta N-Largo – a widebody, 781 horsepower exotic that commands attention on the road. It’s virtually impossible to miss the F12Berlinetta N-Largo on the road with its dominant carbon fiber body work, forged wheels, and 217+ mph top speed.

Novitec Rosso decided to show off a Grigio Scuro F12Berlinetta N-Largo model that was recently built on video while also giving us a little taste of its V-12 exhaust note.


Source: Novitec Rosso

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