This NYC Honda S2000 Driver is a Dick

Honda S2000 Burnout Brooklyn

Show off somewhere else!

When you own a sports car, you sometimes get the need to show off or push it to the limits. We get it. Throwing down some power or taking a turn and hitting the apex is a great feeling. But you don’t ever do it on a busy public road with others in the vicinity!

This video comes to us from Brooklyn, New York. In a city where traffic is always nuts and there’s people everywhere, hooning your sports car is definitely not a good idea. In fact, it’s just an accident waiting to happen. This Honda S2000 driver was just a dick.

Honda S2000 Burnout Brooklyn

At a busy intersection the Honda driver decided to do a few donuts even though a man riding a scooter was stopped at the intersection waiting to turn. The Honda driver turned in wide and let it rip, smoking the tires and spinning in circles, nearly hitting the man on the scooter. Thankfully, the scooter rider was aware of the Honda driver’s stupidity and moved up to avoid getting hit.

After showing off and getting honked at by others, the driver sped away down a one-way street, likely thinking they were as cool as the guys from the ‘Fast & Furious’.

Guys, don’t be stupid.

Source: HenryNY1 YouTube

How big of a jerk was this Honda S2000 driver to start doing donuts in a busy intersection?


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