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Oh the Humanity! The Porsche Carrera GT Crash at Putnam Park

Carrera GT Crash

Another super car goes to the great big junkyard in the sky.

You may remember the McLaren MP4-12C crash at Auto Club Speedway that happened early in October, but this Porsche Carrera GT crash at Putnam Park is definitely harder to look at.

On Sunday, October 14th at Putnam Park just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, 10/10ths Motorsports was holding a track event for drivers to learn the track and be instructed by professional drivers so that they could improve their lap times, safety, and overall driving proficiency. Unfortunately, one driver of a Porsche Carrera GT lost control of the super car and ended up in a terrible crash.

Carrera GT Crash

According to an attendee from the event on, it had just stopped raining prior to the first session of the day when the driver crossed the race line and the car went into an uncontrollable spin, sliding into the wet grass and hitting a photographer’s rented Chevrolet Malibu. Seconds after the car came to rest, the airbag deployed and broken oil lines had ignited. Thankfully, crews were able to extinguish the fire, but the super car was totaled.

According to r1owner of, an attendee at the event:

“Had just stopped raining. 1st session if the day. He was going across the racing line and it just spun on him. He hit the grass and it was wet so hit kept sliding till he hit the track photographers car that was parked by a corner workers car. Totaled the photographers Malibu (rental as well).

I guess there are some oil lines by the door that ruptured and it caught on fire. There was extinguisher material all over the car inside and out.

He said the side airbag came out about 2 seconds after the car stopped

Yeah, the dude riding (instructor I guess) said that he came across the race line into some wet stuff just as it hit its stride in the powerband.

And… his backup car was a Lambo Diablo…”

Having a Lamborghini Diablo as a backup to your Porsche Carrera GT does lessen the blow a bit, but a Carrera GT crash is a Carrera GT crash – it’s a sad day for automotive enthusiasts around the world.

(Carrera GT prior to the accident)

(We’re guessing this was the backup)

[Source:, 10/10ths Motorsports]

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