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This is one of the Scariest WRC Crashes you’ll Ever See

WRC Water Crash

Into the water we go.

Racing will never be a safe sport, and the uncertainties of the terrain in rally racing makes this form of motorsport even more dangerous. At the FIA World Rally Championship – Rally Guanajuato México 2015, one team had quite the scare when their car understeered into a reservoir.

WRC Water Crash

Driver, Ott Tänak, and Co-Driver, Raigo Moldar, of M-Sport managed to oversteer right into the large reservoir right next to the rally course, flipping over and diving in upside-down. The two immediately tried to escape the car as it began to fill with water, and lost contact with their team for 17 minutes due to the fact that the microphones were attached to the vehicle.

Thankfully, the two drivers were not injured and their rubber ducky mascot tethered to the hand brake survived. What’s even more impressive is that the team was able to rebuild the car overnight and race the next day, albeit with quite a few electrical problems caused by the water.

Source: WRC

How terrified would you be if your rally car crashed into a reservoir?


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