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Overfinch goes for “Perfection” with the new Range Rover Sport

Overfinch Range Rover Sport

Commanding and powerful.

Since 1975, Overfinch has been producing upgrades an enhancements with a beautiful handcrafted quality and precise fitment. Today, the hallmarks of the brand are still prominent and featured throughout their product range. The latest model to be lucky enough to get the Overfinch treatment is the new Range Rover Sport and it stars in their latest film, “Perfection”.

The aptly named film showcases the new upgrade package inside and out for the new Range Rover Sport from Overfinch. The in-house design team, led by Tony Fox, sought to improve upon the commanding presence of the luxury SUV with exclusive and dynamic visual upgrades that include lightweight carbon fiber with specially chosen weaves.

Overfinch Range Rover Sport

“Our customers demand excellence in engineering and craftsmanship: that’s a given. But they’re also looking for something that they simply cannot find elsewhere – not exclusivity for its own sake, but the exclusivity that comes from owning a vehicle that is made for them and to their vision,” said Kevin Sloane, Overfinch Chairman. “The Overfinch Range Rover Sport is that vehicle.”

The front fascia of the new Range Rover Sport is more imposing thanks to flared air intake apertures and a wide front splitter. Carbon fiber air intakes and LED lighting are complemented by the Overfinch badge proudly worn across the front of the hood. At the rear, the rear bumper and carbon fiber diffuser combo create a special ‘X’ design that is mimicked by the large rear spoiler sitting atop the roof. Protruding from the rear diffuser are cast and polished tailpipes that complement the angular design language of the updated rear fascia.

Overfinch Range Rover Sport

As part of the Range Rover Sport’s exclusive transformation, Overfinch installed their own in-house designed alloy wheels. The featured Red Range Rover Sport in the film is wearing a set of Falcon forged wheels that measure 22 inches in diameter and feature a diamond-turned face. The other white Range Rover Sport featured in the gallery boasts a set of 23-inch Xenon alloy wheels with a diamond-turned face and directional spoke design.

Overfinch also made sure that there was quite a bit of ‘Sport’ in the new Range Rover Sport with their Performance Package. The 5.0-liter, supercharged V-8 was given an upgraded supercharger, exhaust system, and ECU tune that adds an estimated 42 bhp for a total of 552 bhp. One of the most exciting upgrades is the stainless steel exhaust system with quad tips that incorporates an adjustable ‘X’ pipe acoustic feature. By touching a Bluetooth-controlled button on the aerospace-grade aluminum Overfinch key fob, a Twin Pulse Width Modulate (PWM) electronic valves open and unleash a special ‘track mode’ sound that thrills with its powerful V-8 roar.

Overfinch Range Rover Sport

Inside is where the craftsmanship from Overfinch’s team really shines. The Range Rover Sport can be outfitted with a wide range of fine wood veneers, real carbon fiber trim with different weave colors, and an almost unlimited palette of leather colors. Soft Bridge of Weir leather is used throughout the cabin and can be customized with unique seat designs, stitching patterns, and colors to create a truly exclusive interior. Each vehicle is crafted specifically to suit each owner’s tastes.

Overfinch has already create a limited, one-off model for £200k based on the Range Rover LWB with veneers with Mother of Pearl inlays, sliding boot floor, and limited edition wheels. Stay tuned for the new Overfinch Range Rover Sport models on a road near you.

Overfinch Range Rover Sport “Perfection

Overfinch Range Rover Sport Specifications

Displacement: 5.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Supercharged
Maximum Horsepower: 552 bhp (estimated)
-Upgraded supercharger
-ECU tune
-Stainless steel exhaust system with Bluetooth-controlled valve system

-Carbon fiber widened front air intake apertures
-Carbon fiber widened rear diffuser
-Carbon fiber front splitter
-Front LED lights
-‘Overfinch’ front hood badge
-Carbon fiber rear spoiler
-Carbon fiber rear bumper
-Cast and polished tailpipes
-22-inch Falcon forged alloy wheels with diamond-turned face
-23-inch Xenon alloy wheels with diamond-turned face

-Fully handcrafted Bridge of Weir leather interior with custom stitching and colors
-Range of wood veneers and carbon fiber trims in variety of colors/designs

Overfinch Range Rover Sport Gallery

Source: Overfinch

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