P1 Track Edition and LaFerrari XX: Irving Berlin In Track Shoes

Ferrari LaFerrari XX

Antonello Coletta, head of Ferrari’s newly-established Sporting Activity Department, has confirmed that a track-only XX-version of the LaFerrari supercar is already being developed. The XX designation is used by Ferrari for its experimental vehicles, which translate into FXX and 599XX models for track the adventures of wealthy drivers who wish to experience the excitement of their Hot Wheels adventures in real life.

Coletta says that aerodynamics, handling and balance will be the focus of an XX-LaFerrari. When a car produces 950 horses and 663 lb-ft. of torque, power doesn’t have to be a priority. The car will also benefit from weight-saving measures and upgraded stability and traction systems.

The XX-cars are typically kept and maintained by Ferrari, with owners flying in to various race tracks around the world to drive the cars on the track and provide feedback to engineers. The program is designed for Ferrari’s most loyal customers.

Apparently, McLaren was already preparing for an assault. In an article about the McLaren 650S, I mentioned McLaren’s quest to not be out-done by the prancing horse. Once again, they have Maranello in their sights with their own track version of their highest output product.

Customers have been peering over the fence at Ferrari and felt neglected that there were track-built versions for preferred customers. A spokesperson has stated: “We’re reaching out because some clients have inquired about a Track P1…production will not commence until all 375 P1s have been built,” and this special edition “will only be offered for sale to those on the list.” If that isn’t Ferrari-esque exclusivity, I don’t know what is. Like the FXX, there will be mechanical and electronic enhancements. Unlike the Ferrari, there will be more power than the original car. The McLaren program will be similar to the Ferrari program in which the company keeps the cars and arranges track session.

This age-old racing rivalry has been taken to the street with the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1. Now they are on familiar turf with new track cars. We can’t wait until more details are released and will be absolutely hysterical when they come to market. What could make this better? Hmm……maybe a track ready Aventador with a fighter pilot seat. The McLaren P1 Track Edition and LaFerrari XX are evidence that anything you can do, the customers think their favorite brand can do better.

Would you like to see an exclusive McLaren P1 designed for the track to compete with the Ferrari LaFerrari XX?


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