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Party Blowouts are the Funniest Exhaust Mods, Ever

Party Blowout Exhaust

That wasn’t expected.

Here at MotoringExposure, we love a rumbling V-8, screaming V-12, and howling V-10. A whining supercharger or spooling turbo(s) add to the overall excitement and presence of a powerful engine. Exhaust notes are what make a car unique and we can listen to them all day.

As enthusiasts, the exhaust system is always one of the first things to be modified and upgraded. The sound of an engine can dramatically transform a vehicle’s character. The same can be said for this modification.

Instead of some ultra-lightweight titanium exhaust, this car was fitted with a bunch of party blowouts. Unlike the viscous roar you’d expect, you get the high-pitched wail of 15 blowouts.

Now, just imagine a Maserati driving down the road and you’re expecting to hear a beautiful V-8. Instead, you hear this.


Source: PopularShowsYT

Is this the funniest exhaust modification you can do to your car?


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