The Porsche 921 Vision Design Concept Revives the 928

Porsche 921 Vision

Bringing back a classic.

For almost 20 years, Porsche produced the 928 luxury sports GT coupe that was originally intended to replace the iconic 911 model. It was one of the few front-engined Porsche models and it has made a modern-day comeback in the form of the Porsche 921 Vision Design Concept created by Anthony Colard.

The Porsche 921 Vision came about as a quick, two-week project that brought the 928 back into the model lineup with a simple and efficient design. The original front-engined, four-seat, aluminum body concept is wrapped in clean bodywork without advanced features such as the speed-deployed aerodynamics. A front-mounted V-8 churns out 400 horsepower and allows the luxury sports GT coupe to reach speeds of 174 mph (280 km/h).

Porsche 921 Vision

The front fascia has the modern design language that’s making its way across the Porsche lineup but uses few lines to keep the design simple and clean. Where Colard did get technical was with the headlights to showcase the advanced technology Porsche employs in their sports cars. The Porsche 921 Vision’s silhouette and glasshouse is virtually the same as the 928 and features a floating A-pillar that emphasizes curvature and continuality with the side windows. As the eyes move towards the rear, the lines gracefully taper and are pushed upwards by the rear spoiler.

The classic recessed lamp design seen on the 928 is again featured in the 921 Vision. The rear proudly displays this classic DNA where 991-generation 911 taillights sit recessed into the rear bodywork. The wide, rear fascia resembles that of the 911 but has a simple and clean lower valence with a license plate, integrated reflectors, and exhaust diffuser.

Porsche 921 Vision

Colard also took a page out of the 911 portfolio and added in the Porsche stripe to the lower sides of the 921 Vision’s body in a variety of colors with matching five split-spoke wheels.

The Porsche 921 Vision may not ever make it past the concept stage, but it is quite the beauty and will always have us asking “What if?”

Also be sure to check out Designer, Anthony Colard’s other work on his website.

Porsche 921 Vision Design Concept Gallery

Source: Anthony Colard

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